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Monday, March 30, 2009

Potato side dish Recipe

An easy indian side dish of potato is what many people want,to quickly finish off preparing the meal.It is not at all hard to learn this recipe,and yet it is fast and healthy vegetarian food,that many prefer to eat with their chapati,roti,or naan or even Rice and sambar.

Ingredients required for this recipe are :

  1. Take around 5-6 medium sized potatoes,Sliced or cut as you prefer.
  2. 1 teaspoonful of chilly powder.
  3. 2 teaspoonful of coriander powder.
  4. 1 teaspoonful cumin powder.
  5. 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric.
  6. salt to taste.
  7. 1-2 tablespoonful, Ginger and garlic paste.
  8. 1 tablespoonful of chick pea flour(besan).
  9. 1 teaspoonful lemon juice.
  10. Mix all the ingredients well.

Method of cooking:
  • Take 2 tablespoonful of cooking oil in a nonstick pan.
  • Add the above mixture onto it and cook on medium to high heat.
  • Keep turning them over until you see them turn golden brown.

Yummy, delicious and crispy potato side dish is ready for you to eat with roti, naan,etc.
I love to have this with white rice-sambar mixture or rasam mixture.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Butter chicken curry Recipe

Well,I already started adding the recipes in the contest.Whichever Recipe you opted for,you can start learning to cook the Recipes of their choice, that I have written on Indian Dishes Recipes. Which is the Recipe for today? Mmmmm it is the Delicious Butter chicken,which is the well known Delicacy from India,especially a North Indian Dish.The very look of the chicken pieces floating in this rich Gravy is so tempting.

Starting with the Ingredients:

  1. First of all take the chicken pieces,Around 1 kilo,cut into cubes(boneless).
  2. 1 medium sized onion,chopped.
  3. 2 tablespoonful of cooking oil.
  4. 1 teaspoonful of cumin seed powder.
  5. 2 green chillies.
  6. 1-2 tablespoonful of ginger- Garlic paste.
  7. 1 teaspoonful kasuri methi(dried fenugreek leaves).
  8. 250 ml of whole milk or whipped cream.
  9. 2 tomatoes chopped.
  10. 1 teaspoonful of red chilly powder.
  11. 1 teaspoonful of coriander powder.
  12. 1 /2 teaspoon red food color.
  13. 1 teaspoonful sugar.
  14. 2 tablespoonful tomato ketchup.
  15. salt to taste.

Method of cooking:

  • To the chicken pieces add 1 -2 tablespoonful of ginger-Garlic Paste.
  • 1 teaspoonful chilly powder.
  • 1 teaspoonful coriander powder.
  • 1/2 teaspoonful turmeric powder.
  • 1 tablespoonful lemon juice.
  • salt to taste.
  • Mix all the ingredients well with the chicken .
  • Bake or roast on a frying pan until dry cooked.

  • In a pot take oil and heat.
  • Add cumin seeds and allow to splatter.
  • Next add the Onions and fry to golden brown in colour.
  • Then add the ginger garlic paste and fry.
  • Followed by all the dry spices and the fenugreek leaves.
  • Next add the tomatoes and simmer to soften them a little.
  • Grind the above mixture in a blender to a fine paste.
  • Take 1 -2 tablespoonful of butter and melt in a pan and add the above fine paste to it.
  • Add the milk,ketchup and sugar .
  • Add the cooked chicken to this paste and simmer for a few minutes until the oil starts to float up.
Delicious,yummy Butter chicken is ready to relish upon with Naan,Roti or even Rice if you prefer.I have posted the Recipe of Naan in my Previous Blog,You can locate it under Labels section for bread recipes
Please let me know if you like this chicken Recipe from Indian Dishes Recipes,and please share any new dish or tips and Ideas that you would like to share with many.Comments section under each blog is ready, for your comments to be jotted on it.
Until next time ,bye from Indian dishes recipes.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Matar Paneer or peas in cheese cubes Recipe

Indian Dishes Recipes Brings the Recipe of Matar Paneer to you.The way this curry is made is not at all uneasy.more over you will need a very few ingredients for this delicious north Indian dish.I did learn this recipe from vahchef and some other vedio and just altered it here and there.

The ingredients required for this recipe are:

  1. 1 medium sized onion.
  2. 9-10 almonds.
  3. 1 teaspoonful dried fenugreek leaves(kasturi methi)
  4. 1 teaspoonful of cumin seeds.
  5. 1 teaspoonful of chilli powder.
  6. 1 teaspoonful of coriander powder.
  7. 2 tablespoonful of ginger and Garlic powder.
  8. 2 tomatoes,finely chopped.
  9. 1-2 cups of peas(canned or fresh).
  10. paneer cubes(roasted with a little oil).
  11. 2 tablespoonful of cooking oil.

Method of cooking:

  • Take the oil in a pot and heat it.
  • add the cumin seeds and the almonds.
  • Add the chopped onions and fry until golden brown.
  • add the spices (do not char them).
  • Followed by Ginger-Garlic Paste.
  • Next add the tomatoes.
  • Simmer for a few minutes .
  • take the above mixture and grind in a mixture to a paste.
  • cook it again in a medium to low flame with the peas in it
  • Crush the dried fengreek leaves between your palms and add to the above mixture .
  • When the peas are soft,add the paneer cubes in it and simmer for few more mins until you see the oil coming up.
Yummy! this is your Matar Paneer and you can go ahead and enjoy this Delicious north Indian Dish with Naan ,the recipe of which, you will find in my previos blogs at indian dishes recipes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nargisi Kofta in mouth watering gravy.

Guess what?this is a fast,easy and delicious recipe, is a mughlai dish, coming to you from Indian dishes recipes.I got to learn the basic recipe from vahchef.
basically it is boiled egg rolled in minced meat,does that sound very simple?let us learn how.

The ingredients for Nargisi kofta curry is as shown below:

  1. 1 kg of minced meat(beaf or lamb) washed and drained well.
  2. 10 boiled eggs .
  3. 1 teaspoonful of chilly powder.
  4. 2 teaspoonful of coriander powder.
  5. 1 teaspoonful of cumin powder.
  6. salt to taste
  7. 1/2 teaspoonful turmeric.
mix them all well,the covering for the kofta is ready.

Next ingredients for the gravy:

  1. 1 medium size chopped onion.
  2. 2 large tomatoes,chopped.
  3. 1 teaspoonful chilly powder.
  4. 2 teaspoonful coriander powder.
  5. 1/2 teaspoon of garam masala.
  6. 2 tablespoonful cooking oil.
  7. 1 tablespoonful dried fenugreek leaves(methi leaves)
  8. 1 teaspoonful cumin seed powder.1-2 tablespoonful ginger and garlic powder.
  9. salt to taste.

Method of making koftas:

  • take the mixture of the covering,make a ball of equal size of the egg.
  • on a polythene pat the minced mixture to a thin layer and place the egg over it.
  • Roll the layer over the egg and cover the whole egg with it.
  • Repeat the same procedure for all the eggs and deep fry all of them.
The Nargisi koftas are ready now.

method of the curry for the koftas:

  • Take oil in a pan and heat.
  • add the chopped onions and fry.
  • followed by the ginger and garlic paste and fry.
  • add the dry spices and and salt to taste.
  • add the dry fenugreek leaves.
  • Followed by tomatoes and simmer a bit.
  • Grind this mixture in a blender.
  • and cook again on a slow flame with the koftas in it.

Your Nargisi Koftas in the mouth watering gravy ,with splendid Aroma are ready,you can relish them with Naan,which you can find in my previous posts.
Please keep coming back to Indian dishes Recepes for more delicious and mouth watering dishes from all over India. and let me know if you liked them.

Drumstick curry with lamb

Many of you must be wondering ,what am I going to cook today?Well,this is a recipe my mom use to cook and I did learn this dish from her.
In my blog,Indian dishes recipes,I include the recipes of meals and all that food that goes through my kitchen.So every now and then if you find that i haven't posted,please bear with me because I shall surely come back and make it up for all that.

Let us begin learning and teaching each other now,First of all the ingredients required for this delicacy made by my mom:

  1. 4-5 Drumsticks Pealed and cut into bite size pieces or as you desire.
  2. lamb or beef,which ever you want to cook500gms.
  3. 1 medium sized chopped onion.
  4. Ginger and garlic paste.
  5. 2-3 tomatoes,chopped.
  6. 1 teaspoonful chilly powder
  7. 2 teaspoonful coriander powder.
  8. 1 teaspoonful cumin seed powder.
  9. 1 teaspoonful sugar and salt to taste .
  10. 1/2 a teaspoonful turmeric powder.
  11. canola or olive oil or which ever cooking oil you prefer.
Method for cooking:

  • take oil in a pan and heat.
  • add the onion and fry.
  • add ginger and garlic paste and fry.
  • Add the dry spicy powders and stir,Do not lt them char.
  • Add the tomatoes and simmer for some time.
  • add the salt and the sugar.
  • Add the meat and the drumsticks to the above mixture and cook well.
  • Cook at low to medium flame until the vegetable and the meat is soft enough.

Slow cooking makes a very delicious meal

Steaming hot curry with the yummy looking drumstick and meat is ready to be feasted on with white rice or chapati,roti or naan,which ever you prefer.
Did you feel this recipe was easy to prepare?I felt that too,you just have to start and every thing follows.
Please do write to me if you have any comments about my recipes or even if you want to share, one of your recipes.
Indian dishes recipes would be pleased to accept them all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Karahi Gosht or meat cooked in a pot

Karahi gosht is basically just gosht or meat cooked in a pot ,I shall try to make it sound easy for cooking this Recipe.We can get this Recipe from many of the north Indian and Pakistani food preparation. This non vegetarian curry can be a chicken karahi too.
So today,Indian dishes recipes brings to you this yummy,delicious recipe from an Indian home.
Sit back and relax,while you read this meat recipe.

The Ingredients required for this karahi gosht Recipe are:

  1. take around 1 kilo of beaf or lamb.
  2. 2 tablespoonful of cooking oil.
  3. 2 tablespoonful of ginger and garlic paste.
  4. salt to taste.
  5. 1 teaspoonful of red chilli powder.
  6. 2 teaspoonful of coriander powder.
  7. 1/2 a teaspoonful of nutmeg powder.
  8. 1/2 a teaspoonful of turmeric.
  9. 2-3 bay leaves, 2 big cardamoms ,2 pieces of cinnamon barks.
  10. 2 large tomatoes,chopped.
  11. 1 small size onion,chopped.

Method of cooking:

  • in a heated wok,add the washed pieces of meat and add a teaspoonful of salt and the turmeric .
  • in another pan,add the oil and heat.
  • Add the bay leaves and the dry spices
  • add the chopped onions to the above oil and fry to golden brown.
  • add the ginger and garlic paste to it and fry.
  • next add the chilli and coriander along with nutmeg powder.
  • finally add the tomatoes and let it simmer for sometime until they are soft.
  • Grind this mixture into a fine paste in a blender and add to the above meat,which is almost dry by now.
  • let the whole mixture simmer for a few minutes until the oil comes up in the gravy.
  • Garnish with chopped green chillies(optional),coriander leaves,chopped ginger,(optional).

A delicious karahi gosht is ready to be relished with Naan,I have already posted the recipe for Naan in my previous recipes. Also this meat preparation goes well with white rice or pulao rice,which i am going to post in my future blogs.
Do you think,you liked this recipe from Indian dishes recipes today.

Tips for cooking:when you cook the meat or chicken with salt and turmeric and let all the moisture evaporate,the couchy smell which usually exists will not be there.

There are more frugal cooking tips in this blog,so please do visit again and share any tips and ideas if you please.

Indian Grilled spicy salmon

Today,Indian dishes Recipes brings to you the Indian way of cooking Salmon.
I really like cooking salmon,because it is so easy,you don't have to get interrupted by the hundreds of thorns while eating the fish,especially when you have the salmon fillets.The pink colour of the salmon remains even after it is cooked and the aroma drags you towards it.
Now enough of this talk,let us talk later on and come to the cooking process.

yeah,so let us start with the ingredients:

  1. Take the salmon fillets(500gms),if not you can even take the fish and make slices of it,tastes the same.
  2. add 1 teaspoonful of chilli powder.
  3. 1 teaspoonful of corriander powder.
  4. 1/2 a teaspoonful of turmeric powder.
  5. 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice.
  6. 1 tablespoonful of ginger and garlic paste(1:1 or equal quantity).
  7. 2 tablespoonful oil to put on the pan if roasting them or mix it with the marination if grilling.
  8. 1 tablespoonful of chick peas flour.
  9. red food color(optional).
  10. Keep the mixture for marination in refrigerator for around1-2 hrs.

Method of cooking:

  • Mix all the ingredients well with the fish.
  • take the pan for grilling(nonstick),add the oil on it and heat .
  • put the pieces on it and cook it on low to medium flame,until they turn golden brown on both sides.

The delicious grilled salmon is ready to be relished with white rice and my rasam from the previous blog or it also tastes good with sambhar,lentil curry from my blog.
How did you like today's salmon recipe ,and yesterday's lentil curry or toor dal and I saw that i have a lot of visitors for my version of KFC and the mint chutney or mint sauce.
Please,do look at my contest section and let me know which recipe you would like, to be posted on my blog and please do share any new and exciting recipe that you want to share.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lentils curry Recipe(toor Dal)

Today,let us cook the Indian lentils curry,it is also called toor dal in India,and is rich in proteins as well as it is a non meat meal. Hence it is an easy dish to prepare for the vegetarians who prefer not to eat a non vegetarian food.

The ingredients for this dal preparation is :

  1. Take around 1/2 cup of toor dal and pressure cook it with water,the level of water can be just above the dal.
  2. garlic 5-6 pods.
  3. onion small size ,chopped.
  4. red chilly 2,broken to small pieces.
  5. curry leaves 2 tablespoonful.
  6. mustard seeds 1/2 teaspoonful.
  7. cumin seeds 1 teaspoonful.
  8. asafoetida powder a pinch.
  9. 2 tablespoonful ,cooking oil.
  10. tomato 1 medium sized,chopped.

Method of cooking:

  • Take the oil in a pan for heating.
  • Add the red chilly pieces and fry.
  • Next,add mustard seeds and let them splatter.
  • followed by cumin seeds.
  • add the curry leaves,asafoetida powder.
  • Next add the chopped garlic.
  • Followed by the onion.
  • next add the tomato and cook by covering the pan.
  • when the tomatoes are soft add the dal or the lentils,previously boiled to soften.
  • Mix well and cook for few more min.

A tasty Dal is ready for eating with roti or rice,I had grilled salmon for side dish with this delicious meal.
Dal or lentil curry is a very delicious curry as well as it costs much less,this whole meal did not cost more than $5 for the whole family and yet it was a healthy meal of the day.
Indian dishes recipes brought this nutritious meal todayto all of you,there is more to come in the days to follow,so keep visiting the blog and include some comments,so that i will know where I have done mistakes in writing this blog.

Aloo Paratha Or Indian bread stuffed with mashed potatoes

Aaloo Paratha,it is one of the fast and easy to make recipe.This nutritious food is is a pure vegetarian food .Any one who prefers to have a non meat meal fast can opt for this.
This Indian bread which is stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes is coming up for you from Indian Dishes and recipes.

The ingredients required for this is as follows:

  1. Take whole wheat flour,about 3 cups.
  2. Add a teaspoonful of salt to taste.
  3. make a dough with around 2 cups of water.
  4. 1 teaspoonful of olive oil.

Ingredients for the mashed potato filling:

  1. take 2 potatoes and heat in a microwave in a covered bowl or you can even boil if you don't have a microwave and mash them well.
  2. take 1/2 teaspoonful of chilli powder,coriander powder and cumin seed powder each and salt to taste.
Mix them all well with the above mashed potatoes.Your potato filling is ready.

Method of preparing the parathas:

  • Make a dough of consistency,enough to be rolled into a round flat bread.
  • Take a tablespoonful of the above filling and place it in the middle of the flat bread.
  • take all the corners and close it to the middle portion,so that the stuffing gets into the bread.
  • Pierce it with a fork and roll the bread again, to as thin as you desire.
  • heat a pan or tawa on the stove and cook the bread on it until golden brown on both the sides.

Your hot steaming parathas are ready to be feasted on.You can eat this delicious bread with mango pickle or dal or my mint chutney in my previous blog.It tastes good as it is with out anything to go with it too.
That is all for now from Indian Dishes Recipes,and please let me know if you could follow my recipe,it is my pleasure to share my recipes with you.
You are most welcome to visit my blog and comment and share any of the cooking Recipes and learn my free recipes that i post.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naan Bread made on the stove top pan or tawa

Hello from Indian dishes and recipes,how is everyone doing out there,today it is a bit cold here ,so I thought let me sit down and write about my Naan Recipe to you,making it look easy to cook.
Naan is one of the Delicacy,of India and the other countries surrounding India.This food is healthy and nutritious too and goes well with many of the dishes in the Recipes from my site
Since many of you who is not having an oven must be thinking,How is possible to make Naan without an oven?Let me explain it to you in the following Recipe.

You will need the following ingredients for this :

  1. Take 3 cups of all purpose flour in a bowl for mixing.
  2. in a glass of warm water,take 1 teaspoonful of yeast,1/2 a teaspoonful of salt and 1/2 a teaspoonful of sugar,let them dissolve in the water.
  3. Mix it with the above flour,and add more water to mix,until you get a dough that has a consistency,enough to be rolled easily into a round shape(a little on the softer side).
  4. Very important step:Keep the dough,covered with a wet cloth in a warm place to let the flour rice.If you have an oven,just heat it on high broil for only 1 min and put it off,this is your warm place for the dough.
  5. Allow the flour to rise for 1/2 an hour,then again kneed the flour and allow it to rise again.
  6. Repeat the procedure for about an hour.
Your dough for naan is ready.

Roll them into round shapes like roti or tortillas .
put the naan on a hot pan on the stove top and cook it just like you cook the roti,until it is cooked on both the sides flipping it over.

Your hot,soft and delicious naan is ready ,you can have this bread with any of my non vegetarian recipes or the vegetarian recipes.
Also, you can substitute whole wheat flour for all purpose flour if you want a more healthier version of the Naan.

That is all for now from Indian dishes recipes,and i shall post back with more and interesting stories and recipes for you.
If you have any Ideas for cooking to share with me,please do share with me and write on my comments.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Potato and spinach recipe for side dish

Hello everyone,today there is yet another recipe from Indian dishes and recipes.It is a vegetarian recipe and a lot of greens is added to it.
I am cooking spinach today,and it will be cooked along with its best friend,The potato.
I have a variety of cooking ways for spinach and this is one of the things you can include in your non meat meals.
With out delaying even 1 min now let me start listing out the ingredients to you,for this healthy vegetarian recipe.
  1. take a bunch of fresh spinach leaves.
  2. 2-3 large potatoes cut into medium sized cubes.
  3. salt to taste.
  4. 1/2 teaspoonful of red chilli poeder.
  5. 1/2 teaspoonful of cumin seed powder.
  6. 1 teaspoonful of coriander powderand a pinch of turmeric powder.
  7. Ginger and garlic paste(1:1 ratio).
  8. 1 medium sized onion,chopped finely.
  9. olive oil1-2 tablespoonful.

Method of cooking:
  • In a pot take the oil,and heat it.
  • Add the chopped onions into it and fry untill golden brown.
  • Add the ginger and garlic paste into it and fry .
  • Add the powdered spices into it and fry a little.add the cut potatoes into it and mix well.
  • Now chop the spinach well and add to the above mixture and mix well and allow to cook well.
Now you start getting the delicious aroma and it makes you hungry.
Isn't this an easy way to learn cooking a healthy vegetarian food in no time.
This side dish can be had with rice or naan bread as the main dish.A tasty delicious meal is ready to eat.

This recipe is quite healthy,it doesn't have any fat in it.It certainly is a nutritious food ,yet a tasty one,in the comfort of your home.
Apart from all that,it is a very good way of letting my kids have spinach,b'cos they love this dish.

This is for now from indian dishes and recipes,keep looking for more and posting ideas for more recipes if you please.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cook book for Indian dishes and recipes

Indian Dishes Recipes. Best ways to cook healthy indian food ... South and North Indian Recipe,Indian Snack Recipes,Indian Vegitarian Recipe,Fish Curry.

Cooking,which is an interesting topic for most of the Moms,is what my blog,for Indian dishes and Recipes contain.It contains food Recipes of the Indian dishes that I cook for our meals daily.
Not only does it have the recipes but also helps you save money and it is an easy way to learn cooking.Helping you get healthy nutrition through your food at home, is our main goal.
Indian Dishes and Recipes, also has special ideas for holiday meals,along with the list of ingredients,which is usually found at home or can be found at the super stores.
Indian dishes and recipes also has food recipes for non meat meals and veggies,easy to prepare.We usually don't spend on restaurant for this very reasons and therefore save some more money.
Any body can cook food if they follow the write cooking method ,cooking blogs are therefore very helpful.
I am continuously adding food recipes from all over India and if possible from other parts of the world.
Since most is done with fresh vegetables and meat and hence a healthy diet,with proper excercise,Like 30-40 mins of brisk walk daily for atleast 4 days a week will let you stay healthy.
Indian dishes and recipes gives vegetarians the food recipes for non meat meals and to the others we have a diverse cooking methods for chicken,beef and lamb curry or recipes.
Frugal cooking methods is our main idea of cooking ,also healthy nutrition for kids.

You can choose from the labels section ,which ever recipe you want to try.
I am also trying to put the amazon store ,on the blog to make it easier for you to shop for the kitchen items.
Dessert recipes from India,is also our content,I am sure kids will love them and so do my kids.
Seafood Recipes,like fish,salmon,shrimps are also included.

How do I know to cook all these recipes?
well! most of the Indians learn cooking from the scratch b'cos we eat at home daily and all three meals,even if we work we pack our lunch.India has a lot of religions and thus many festival which includes cooking for the holiday meals and feasts.
Southern India, has many rice recipes that are special,which i will be including in this blog.
Now sit back and enjoy reading the recipes at indian dishes and recipes and trying out all these recipes,when ever you have time and you want to cook.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brown Rice for dinner or Tomato Rice Recipe

Brown rice ,that i cooked today is not really the brown rice,which is refined and the barn is removed to make it white rice.I actually cooked the white rice to render a brown color to it.
Let me tell you how exactly,I turned the white rice to brown rice in the following rice Recipe .

Ingredients for Tomato Rice Recipe:

  1. Take 4 cups of white rice(saok the rice in water) reduce or increase the size according to your requirement.
  2. take 1 medium size chopped onion.
  3. cumin seeds,1 teaspoonful.
  4. 1 teaspoonful mustard seeds .
  5. 2 green chillies.
  6. 1/2 teaspoonful turmeric powder.
  7. salt to taste.
  8. take 2 large size tomatoes or if you have tomato paste ,take 2-3 tablespoonful.
  9. 6-7 big pods of garlic,chopped finely.
  10. 2 tablespoonful Olive Oil.
  11. 8-10 almonds.
  12. 1/2 a cup of chopped coriander leaves

Method for cooking rice ,the right way:

  • take a pot ,in which you want to cook the rice.
  • Add the oil in it and heat.
  • Add the mustard seeds and let them splatter.
  • Next add cumin seeds .
  • Add the almonds and fry them until golden brown.
  • Add the chopped onions into it,add a pinch of salt to hasten the onions to fry(golden brown).
  • Next add the chopped garlic.
  • add the chopped coriander leaves and green chillies.
  • Add 6 cups of water with the same cup that you measured the rice with.
  • Add the rice into the mixture.
  • cover the pot with a lid and let the mixture cook until the water dries and you start seeing the holes appearing on the topmost layer.At this point reduce the flame to the lowest heat and let it cook for 10-15 minutes.

for cooking the rice in the right way,is to soak the rice for atleast 30 minutes before cooking and for cooking the rice- 2 cups of rice requires 3 cups of water.

I called this Tomato Rice recipe as Brown rice just because of the appearance of the rice after it is cooked.
When cooked in the right way,this recipe of rice is easy to follow and tastes good ,Rice is also a very nutritious food because it is one of the four group of foods,Rice being one of the cereal food.

I hope you enjoyed this delicious recipe of rice and i also hope you have learned to cook the rice in a right way,and the rice looks like pearls.because each grain of rice is separated and looks great.
Leave a word in my comments section if you like my rice recipe

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dahi vada

Dahi vada(Dahi means yogurt),it is an easy and fast way to make an indian snack if you already have the split black lentils(skinless)soaked .
South india has a variety of snacks called vada and dahi vada,is one of them which is also called medu vada(also tastes good without soking in yogurt).

Ingredients required for dahi vada are
  1. Urad dal(black lentils)soaked in water for more than 3 hrs.
  2. 1/2 chopped onion.
  3. 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds.
  4. salt to taste.
  5. 1 tablespoon of curry leaves.
  6. 1 tsp of crushed black pepper.

  • make a paste of urad dal with almost no water.
  • beat the flour very well with your hand untill you see the flour is very fluffy and light when droped a little in waterand floats.
  • then mix the remaining ingredients into it .
  • Take olive oil in a deep pan and heat it in a medium flame.
  • take the flour with wetted hands and make a ball (about 2 tblsp) ,pierce a hole with youthumb in it.
  • add it to the hot oil and turn them over and cook until golden brown, or you feel they are cooked inside.
  • drain them well on a tissue paper to absorb the oil .
Now you have the vada ready to make Dahi vada.
If you don't prefer to make the Dahi vada out of this(since many of you dont like yogurt), you can have it as it is.As a snack with your tea.

If you want to know how to turn it into Dahi vada,then you just have to make a mixture of yogurt with some ingredients and add it to the above vada.
Please,keep visiting my blog ,and I shall let you know the procedure for that in my upcoming blogs .
This vada can also be a compliment with the mint leaves sauce that i showed in my previous blogs.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog,and happy cooking .Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to cook salmon?

Do you know how to cook salmon? well! I know a lot of ways to cook salmon.
Cooking salmon is something which I love and my whole family loves eating it.
Cooking fish recipes can be a challenge many a times b'cos many are repellent towards the fishy smell,but for my fish Recipes,everyone love the flavor in it.
There are various cooking recipes for cooking salmon and some of them are:
baked salmon.
grilled salmon.
broiled salmon.
salmon in gravy.
Fish and chips with salmon.
I shall write in my blogs on how to cook salmon in all the above salmon recipes and some more later on ,but today I shall write about the gravy of salmon,that I made for our dinner.

Ingredients for the salmon recipe in gravy:

  1. Take skinless and boneless salmon fillets which are in the form of cubes(you can also cut them like cubes).
  2. In a blender,add 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds.
  3. tamarind(the size of 1 lemon),which is soaked in 1 glass of water.
  4. 2 tomatoes(medium sized)chopped.
  5. 1 big onion chopped.
  6. 1 tsp of red chilly powder.
  7. 2 tsp of coriander powder.
  8. 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder.
  9. salt to taste.
  10. 2 tablespoon of coconut powder.
  11. 1 tablespoon of curry leaves.

Except the salmon,grind everything in the blender into a fine paste.
Put it in a cooking pan and heat.
Add a tablespoon of olive oil.
when the mixture comes to a boil,add the salmon peices to the gravy.
I f you prefer to add some vegetables into it,you can go ahead and add egg plant or capsicum to it,this will improve the taste even more.

Now do you get how to cook salmon in an easy and fastest way,it is also a tasty,healthy and affordable thing to make in minutes .

This salmon gravy goes well with white rice or paratha(tortillas).I shall show the cooking rice the right way in my other blogs.But for now sit back and enjoy learning, how to cook salmon? and try it out when you are ready.

Also,please write to me some new tips and cooking recipes that you want to share and please tell others about my blog.
Thanks bunches.

Shrimp noodles made in Indian style

Let us cook something fast today!
Hello everyone,I just read the news that ,the tallest building in the western hemisphere,sears tower is getting a new name , Willis tower.So I thought let us have a different taste today with noodles and shrimps along with some eggs and vegetables and call it the Indian noodles.
You must be wondering how?
Let us find out how to do this art of cooking,I think it is an art which everyone who loves cooking, would try to experiment in their kitchen every now and then.

The ingredients involved are:
  1. 1 pack of egg noodles or any noodles you can also use spaghetti(500gms) ,boil them and keep aside.
  2. 1 cup of mixed vegetables.
  3. 1 onion medium size chopped finely.
  4. ginger garlic paste(1-2 tablespoonful).
  5. 500 gms of shrimps.
  6. 2 tomatoes medium size.
  7. 2 eggs(you can omit them if you don't like eggs).
  8. 2 tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves each.
  9. 2 green chillies
  10. 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder.
  11. 1 tsp of red chilly powder.
  12. 1 tsp of coriander powder.
  13. 1 tsp of cumin powder.
  14. 2 tablespoon of oil.


  • Take a pan and add oil in it and heat.
  • add chopped onions and fry them until golden yellow.
  • add ginger garlic paste.
  • add add ingredients 9-12 in it and fry (do not char)
  • followed by adding chopped tomatoes.
  • let the mixture cook in low flame until the tomatoes are tender.
  • add the green ingredients.
  • add salt according to your taste.
  • Add the shrimps and the vegetables cook for some more time.
  • cook eggs separately,along with some salt and black pepper and mix it to the above mixture.
  • mix the noodles(previously boiled and strained),into the above mixture (mix well).

The shrimp noodle in Indian style is ready to be served.

Isn't this a fast way of cooking when you want to have tasty noodle?and yet you won't have to spend much and still a healthy meal with all the nutrition is there in front of you.

You can hasten the onions to fry by adding a little salt to it (may be a pinch or 2)

Please,do try my cookings and do share it with others,b'cos it gives and immense pleasure to share knowledge.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A cup of spicy Ginger tea (adrak ki chai)

Today ,I was sipping on to my spicy ginger tea,in front of my computer,and was amazed to read about a Restaurant or a franchise,may be.It is called chick-fil-A which was offering a Grand prize for the whole year(per week) for first 100 customers on its Grand opening,I really liked the idea,I think many of you would surely want to try it out.May be you should go to their website at and find out everything there.

As for me ,I would like to show how I make this hot tea,which I was enjoying today,while it was snowing and cold outside.

  • For 2 cups of tea:
  • Take 1 cup of water.
  • 1 cup of milk.
  • 1 tsp of sugar(according to your taste.
  • grated Ginger(1 tsp).
  • a pinch of cardamom powder.
  • 1 pouch of Assam tea(an Indian tea of any brand).

put them all in a small pan and bring to boil ,let the tea boil for around 5 more mins and strain it with the help of a tea strainer into 2 cups .

Enjoy the hot tea,with the spice in it with some cookies to go with it and enjoy watching TV or computer.

Please,do comment on all my posts,that will help me make you happier.

Pepper water or Rasam

hello everyone,this is the time when everyone wants to stay warm inside ,while it is snowing outside and feast on hot soup, be it chicken or beef or lamb or even the vegetable soup.
But there is one thing that some of the south indians would love to have in this weather,and it is called Rasam.
they have a different way of making it depending upon which part of south India it is cooked in.
I am going to just let you all know the simple and fast way of making this sour and spicy water.

For the ingredients:

  1. Take 1 -2 tsp of pepper corns.
  2. 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds.
  3. 2-3 tablespoon of curry leaves(add more for more aroma and flavour) keep some for seasoning.
  4. 1/2 tsp of red chilly powder.
  5. 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder.
  6. salt to taste.
  7. take tamarind(size of a lemon or less if you want less sourness) soaked in a glass of warm water.
  8. tomatoes 1-2(medium sized) chopped finely.
  9. 1/2 medium sized onion(chopped into medium size chunks) and have some very fine slices for the seasoning.
  10. 1 tsp of sugar.
  11. 5-6 peices of garlic(crushed).
  12. Olive oil- 1 tablespoonful .
  13. musturd seeds.
  14. Asafoetida(1/2 tsp or add less if you don't wnt the flavour.)

  • blend ingredients 1 to 5 together in a coffee grinder.
  • in a pan take the oil and heat.
  • when hot add the musturd seed and let them crackle.
  • add the finely sliced onions and fry until brown in colour
  • add the crushed garlic .
  • add the curry leaves and fry .
  • add hing(asafoetida)
  • followed by the blended dy ingredients (which you blended in the coffee blender).
  • don't let these dry ingredients char(immediately add the tomatoes and onions).
  • followed by the tamarind juice(made by squishing them in the water and straining out the juice).
  • let the mixture come to a boil.

Our tasty Rasam is ready to be attacked along with some white soft rice to go with it and you can have the beef with mint curry of mine in my previous blog as a side dish too.

I am still waiting for some comments on my blog.Please let me know how was this dish.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pizza made at home

I use to wonder how people made Pizza so soon and so delicious ,it was when i viewed the videos of vahchef-a chef from India, i am very fond of his videos they inspired me to cook at the first place,and they are so easy to follow.This recipe includes some of my own ideas apart from what i learnt from vahchef .

Ingredients needed:

  • 3 cups of all purpose flour.
  • 1 tsp of fast rising yeast(any yeast that you have).
  • 1 tsp of salt and sugar each.
  • pasta sauce(or just tomato paste if you don't have the pasta sauce).
  • mozzarella cheese(grated).
  • bell pepper and onions,chopped into slices.
  • mushroom slices.
  • olive slices.
  • sausages cut into slices.
  • meat peaces(tiny bits,cooked with ginger and garlic paste,salt to taste and black pepper).
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil.


  1. take the yeast into a glass and add warm water.
  2. add sugar and salt to it and let it stand for 10-15 min (until dissolved completely).
  3. add to the flour and add little more water if need to make on the softer side.
  4. heat the oven to broil for 1 min and put it off(we need to keep the flour at this temperature for 1 hr or more.)
  5. when the flour rises up,kneed it and place it back in the oven(for 30 mins).
Meanwhile,when the flour is rising
-chop the above mentioned veggies and get the meat ready.

-take the risen flour and and divide into 3 or 4 balls depending on the size of pizza you want to bake.

-apply oil over the pizza pan
-after rolling the flour spread them with your hands evenly on the pan.
-with the help of a fork, make slight insertions on the spread flour, to let the trapped air under the sheet of pizza to escape.
-apply the pasta sauce over it.
-then sprinkle the meat,followed by the veggies .
-spread the cheese on top and decorate with the slices of sausages and mushrooms of you want.
-apply oil with a brush on the corners.
-place the pan on the stove top on medium heat ,until you start hearing slight cooking sound.
-place it in an oven(preheated at 420 degree Fahrenheit) for 20 mins.or untill the pizza is cooked.
-remove it from the oven and let ie cool for 5-10 mins.
-cut them into slices and enjoy.


Please let me know,how did your Pizza come out,don't worry if it does'nt come out right for the first time.PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT.

Tips: You can use the same flour to make NAAN BREAD,i shall tell you, how?in my other blogs.

I shall post the Recepe of your choice too,so please let me know by the end of this month

I was thinking why not ask all of you, visiting my site to suggest too,isn't that a nice way to involve in building my site and give you guys some satisfaction,that, what you wanted has been done on this site.It is great to see so many of you visiting my site,but it would also be pleasing to see some comments on it,i will be happy that,I actually get to here some of you and that is more exciting.
Please take part in my contest by the end of this month and i shall list their names too on my site for having selected the recipe of their choice.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mint leaves sauce OR pudina chutney

Hello every one!

there are some days when you just want something very different for your tongue ,which has a distinct and strong taste,This delicious item called pudina chutney or fresh mint sauce is one of those items which i prefer to make when i don't want to use the stove.

for this you will have to take following items

  • 1 bunch of pudina or mint leaves .
  • 1 tablespoonful of cumin seeds.
  • 2 tablespoonful of coconut powder
  • 2 green chillies(you can add more or less depending upon your taste).
  • add 1 tsp of salt or according to your taste.
  • take tamarind about the size of a lemon(soaked in water).
  • put all of the above ingredients in a blender and grind well(to a fine paste).

now chop 1/2 of a medium sized onion and add to the above mixture in the blender and just pulse it for 1 second(not a fine paste).

And wala! you have a delicious sauce ready for a lip smacking adventure.

Eat it with anything, like rice,bread,naan or even dip tortillas in it,which tastes marvelous.I usually eat it with the rice and lentil recipe, that i posted before.

My 11 yr old loves this mint sauce very much and it is a good way of letting you kids have raw greens go into them.

How did you find my recipes,did any one of you try any of these,please do comment and let me know if you guys liked it .You are also most welcome to add any of your recipes,in fact it would be great to share ideas,that will improve each others lives.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My version of KFC

I have 2 kids who love to have chicken when cooked this way,actually I instructed my 11 yr old son to cook this Recipe.I got some tips and Ideas from vahchef i am thankful to him for having shown such good recipes on his site .


  • Take 6 drumsticks(chicken legs) washed and drained.
  • in a bowl take 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste.
  • add 1 tsp red chilli,turmeric and coriander powder
  • add salt to taste.
mix well and add the chicken to it.
add a little water and let the chicken soak in it and stand for about 4-5 hrs in refrigerator.

shaking mixture:

  • take about 2 cups of all purpose flour
  • 1/2 a cup of cornflakes(crushed)
  • add a little salt to taste and some black pepper according to your taste.

dipping mixture:

take an egg add black pepper and salt in it and mix well.

Let's do the final step:

  1. After 5 hrs take the chicken from the refrigerator and one by one take the pieces out of the liquid mixture
  2. and dip it in the dipping mixture
  3. followed by rolling in the shaking mixture.
  4. keep them aside in a plate
  5. while you heat oil in a pan for deep frying these chicken pieces .
  6. when the oil is hot fry them untill golden brown( you can also check if the chicken is cooked with the help of a fork on a plate).

soak the extra oil on a tissue and serve hot with ketchup and fries baked in an oven.

  • if you want to remove extra oil from the chicken bake the chiken along with your fries.
  • Soaking the chicken in the liquid mixture makes the chicken juicy .
Please post some new recipes and cooking tips if you would like to share with all.
I would like to recieve some comments on all my recipes so that i can have a better site for you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I call this as food for a child or food for a sick person,because it is quite mild to taste and also a person who has lost the taste after having a fever would like to have this nutritious yet delicious rice which is also soft(they also call it khichdi in south India)

It is quite easy and fast to cook,just follow the steps as below:

  • take 2 cups of rice soaked in water for 30 min.
  • 1/2 a cup of moong dal(split green lentils).
  • 1 medium sized onion,chopped finely.
  • ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp(1:1)ratio.
  • 2 green chillies.
  • 1/2 a bunch of cilantro and mint leaves.
  • turmeric powder 1/4 tsp.
  • olive oil 1 tablespoonful.
  • Salt to taste.

  1. Heat a pot on the stove and add the oil into it.
  2. when oil is hot add the split lentils and fry until golden brown( do not char them)
  3. then add chopped onions into it and fry until golden yellow.
  4. then add the green chillies,mint and cilantro leaves.
  5. next add ginger and garlic paste and fry a little.
  6. add salt to taste .
  7. Next add 6 cups of water(since this rice should be very soft)
  8. Let the mixture cook and when only a little water is left cover the vessel and cook it in low flame for about 7-8 min.
mmmm Our rice tastes and smells good at the same time.
You can enjoy it with mint sauce(pudina chutney).
I shall share my recipe of mint chutney ot sauce with you in my next blog.
Until then have a happy eating and stay healthy may God help you all.
Do comment on my blog and add some tips if you have or share some interesting recipes with me.

Please help me improve my blog by leaving comments on my blogs and if you would like to share a recipe, new or old please do write.thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

Monday, March 2, 2009

lipsmacking Beef with mint leaves and cilantro

Today let me write about how the exotic tasty beef can be made fast and easy.

Let us take the ingredients:
  1. take small and cut pieces of beef and wash well and drain them(about i kg),put them into a pot for cooking and keep it on the stove for cooking until all the water evaporates.
  2. take a bunch of mint leaves and a bunch of cilantro leaves.
  3. 2-3 green chillies(according to your taste)
  4. about 10 -14 leaves of curry leaves.
  5. 7-9 black peppers(1 teaspoon of black pepper powder can do too.).
  6. 2 tablespoons of coconut powder.
  7. 1 medium sized tomato.1 and 1/2 tablespoon of ginger- garlic paste(1:1 ratio).
  8. 1 tablespoon fennel seeds.
  9. salt to taste.

Grind the ingredients 2 to9 with 1/2 a glass of water into a nice paste in a blender and add them to the beef on the stove.Let the mixture cook on a medium flame until the beef is soft.
Add a tablespoon of lemon juice if you prefer.
serve hot beef curry with rice or Naan bread.

Tip for today:Soak the meat very well in water for atleast 30 min so that all the blood comes out and the meat is clean before cooking.This will not have the usual smell which some people don't like.

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