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Friday, March 6, 2009

My version of KFC

I have 2 kids who love to have chicken when cooked this way,actually I instructed my 11 yr old son to cook this Recipe.I got some tips and Ideas from vahchef i am thankful to him for having shown such good recipes on his site .


  • Take 6 drumsticks(chicken legs) washed and drained.
  • in a bowl take 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste.
  • add 1 tsp red chilli,turmeric and coriander powder
  • add salt to taste.
mix well and add the chicken to it.
add a little water and let the chicken soak in it and stand for about 4-5 hrs in refrigerator.

shaking mixture:

  • take about 2 cups of all purpose flour
  • 1/2 a cup of cornflakes(crushed)
  • add a little salt to taste and some black pepper according to your taste.

dipping mixture:

take an egg add black pepper and salt in it and mix well.

Let's do the final step:

  1. After 5 hrs take the chicken from the refrigerator and one by one take the pieces out of the liquid mixture
  2. and dip it in the dipping mixture
  3. followed by rolling in the shaking mixture.
  4. keep them aside in a plate
  5. while you heat oil in a pan for deep frying these chicken pieces .
  6. when the oil is hot fry them untill golden brown( you can also check if the chicken is cooked with the help of a fork on a plate).

soak the extra oil on a tissue and serve hot with ketchup and fries baked in an oven.

  • if you want to remove extra oil from the chicken bake the chiken along with your fries.
  • Soaking the chicken in the liquid mixture makes the chicken juicy .
Please post some new recipes and cooking tips if you would like to share with all.
I would like to recieve some comments on all my recipes so that i can have a better site for you.

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