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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cook book for Indian dishes and recipes

Indian Dishes Recipes. Best ways to cook healthy indian food ... South and North Indian Recipe,Indian Snack Recipes,Indian Vegitarian Recipe,Fish Curry.

Cooking,which is an interesting topic for most of the Moms,is what my blog,for Indian dishes and Recipes contain.It contains food Recipes of the Indian dishes that I cook for our meals daily.
Not only does it have the recipes but also helps you save money and it is an easy way to learn cooking.Helping you get healthy nutrition through your food at home, is our main goal.
Indian Dishes and Recipes, also has special ideas for holiday meals,along with the list of ingredients,which is usually found at home or can be found at the super stores.
Indian dishes and recipes also has food recipes for non meat meals and veggies,easy to prepare.We usually don't spend on restaurant for this very reasons and therefore save some more money.
Any body can cook food if they follow the write cooking method ,cooking blogs are therefore very helpful.
I am continuously adding food recipes from all over India and if possible from other parts of the world.
Since most is done with fresh vegetables and meat and hence a healthy diet,with proper excercise,Like 30-40 mins of brisk walk daily for atleast 4 days a week will let you stay healthy.
Indian dishes and recipes gives vegetarians the food recipes for non meat meals and to the others we have a diverse cooking methods for chicken,beef and lamb curry or recipes.
Frugal cooking methods is our main idea of cooking ,also healthy nutrition for kids.

You can choose from the labels section ,which ever recipe you want to try.
I am also trying to put the amazon store ,on the blog to make it easier for you to shop for the kitchen items.
Dessert recipes from India,is also our content,I am sure kids will love them and so do my kids.
Seafood Recipes,like fish,salmon,shrimps are also included.

How do I know to cook all these recipes?
well! most of the Indians learn cooking from the scratch b'cos we eat at home daily and all three meals,even if we work we pack our lunch.India has a lot of religions and thus many festival which includes cooking for the holiday meals and feasts.
Southern India, has many rice recipes that are special,which i will be including in this blog.
Now sit back and enjoy reading the recipes at indian dishes and recipes and trying out all these recipes,when ever you have time and you want to cook.

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