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Monday, March 9, 2009

Pizza made at home

I use to wonder how people made Pizza so soon and so delicious ,it was when i viewed the videos of vahchef-a chef from India, i am very fond of his videos they inspired me to cook at the first place,and they are so easy to follow.This recipe includes some of my own ideas apart from what i learnt from vahchef .

Ingredients needed:

  • 3 cups of all purpose flour.
  • 1 tsp of fast rising yeast(any yeast that you have).
  • 1 tsp of salt and sugar each.
  • pasta sauce(or just tomato paste if you don't have the pasta sauce).
  • mozzarella cheese(grated).
  • bell pepper and onions,chopped into slices.
  • mushroom slices.
  • olive slices.
  • sausages cut into slices.
  • meat peaces(tiny bits,cooked with ginger and garlic paste,salt to taste and black pepper).
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil.


  1. take the yeast into a glass and add warm water.
  2. add sugar and salt to it and let it stand for 10-15 min (until dissolved completely).
  3. add to the flour and add little more water if need to make on the softer side.
  4. heat the oven to broil for 1 min and put it off(we need to keep the flour at this temperature for 1 hr or more.)
  5. when the flour rises up,kneed it and place it back in the oven(for 30 mins).
Meanwhile,when the flour is rising
-chop the above mentioned veggies and get the meat ready.

-take the risen flour and and divide into 3 or 4 balls depending on the size of pizza you want to bake.

-apply oil over the pizza pan
-after rolling the flour spread them with your hands evenly on the pan.
-with the help of a fork, make slight insertions on the spread flour, to let the trapped air under the sheet of pizza to escape.
-apply the pasta sauce over it.
-then sprinkle the meat,followed by the veggies .
-spread the cheese on top and decorate with the slices of sausages and mushrooms of you want.
-apply oil with a brush on the corners.
-place the pan on the stove top on medium heat ,until you start hearing slight cooking sound.
-place it in an oven(preheated at 420 degree Fahrenheit) for 20 mins.or untill the pizza is cooked.
-remove it from the oven and let ie cool for 5-10 mins.
-cut them into slices and enjoy.


Please let me know,how did your Pizza come out,don't worry if it does'nt come out right for the first time.PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT.

Tips: You can use the same flour to make NAAN BREAD,i shall tell you, how?in my other blogs.

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